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Virtual Science Assemblies 

Virtual Science Assemblies   


We understand this year its going to be difficult to hold normal science week assemblies.

So, we have decided to make things easier for you by offering virtual class workshops and virtual school assemblies. 

Our virtual assemblies run at 30 mins long  and are hosted on zoom. Each class can log on and watch from their classroom and join in, in a covid secure way. 

within the session the children get to watch and join in with our professors exploring Issac Newtons theory of gravity, disappearing water, fire bubbles and the amazing rainbow world that's all around us. 


Cost- £65.00 


  • 30 min Virtual Science Assembly 

  • Links to hands on experiments that can be performed after the assembly. 

  • Virtual session pdf guide with zoom instructions.



  • These sessions are a mix of games and experiments, sticking to our motto of making science fun. 

  • Just some of the experiments performed by our professors will be, Fire Bubbles, Disappearing water and exploring Issac newtons theory of gravity. 


Recommended Age:

  • These sessions are great for all children but the activities are best suited for children primary aged children. 

How many children can attend  

  • These sessions are for all the school and we can have up to 100 logins or if you wish we can  tailor there sessions to suit different year groups. 

How to book:

To book your place or for more information either email

or head to our contact page. 

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"At Children with Cancer UK, we held a virtual science party with Einstein's Entertainers for children affected by cancer and their families. Einstein's Entertainers were great from start to finish and we've had amazing feedback from the families involved. Each family received a lab kit in the post meaning they could take part in the experiments throughout the party. I'd definitely recommend Einstein's Entertainers if you're looking for something fun and a little bit different, especially if you want some virtual entertainment for children!"

Katie Russell Children with Cancer UK

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