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Summer Camp Workshop Kits 

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Einstien's Entertainers 

Workshop Kits delivered to your camp!

£8.00* per kit/per child not including postage 

With social distancing measures still in place, most Summer Camps will not be able to have outside providers come in to their premises to perform workshops. However, we at Einstein's Entertainers have thought of a way around this: with our brand new Summer Camp Workshop Kits! 


Einstein’s Entertainers Workshop Kits are filled with experiments and games to keep your camp attendees busy for hours, along with Youtube video tutorials to guide you through each experiment.


Workshop Kits:

  • Take Flight - Build a Helicopter, a plane and learn about air resistance & gravity. 

  • Bubble Wars - Make a bubble cannon and have fun with magic bubbles. 

  • Colour Mania - Make a colour wheel, have fun with rainbow glasses and learn about Issac Newton.  

  • Slime Making - Make your very own slime & learn the secret to making super slimy slime. 

  • Tasty Sweet Making - Make your own sherbet, create a candy spine & have fun with the skittles experiment. 

  • Soaring Rockets- Build a pipette rocket, catch rocket balloons & launch your own film canister rocket.

Each experiment has a step by step YouTube video tutorial, along with a list of games that can be played with the kit's contents and completed experiments.  


What is the recommended age?

  • These sessions are great for all children, but the activities are best suited for children aged 4 -11.


How many children is the kit for?

  • Each kit caters for 1 child. 


How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

  • Please allow up to two working days for your order to be shipped. All orders are sent out DPD next day Delivery. 


What's the cost for each kit? 

  • Each kit costs £8.00 and caters for one child. Postage is not included (Guide Postage Price: UK delivery next day delivery for 20 kits is £10.00).

  • We are currently running an introductory offer - Buy all 6 kits for the price of 5!


For more information or to book your kits please email:




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