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Kings court Science Club 


An exciting, interactive club for your little scientist teaching them a different science subject each week and making science fun!  


When- Mondays after school - from 17th Jan to 14th Feb.   


Time- 15:20-16:20



Cost- £6.50 - each session or £39.00 in total 



How many children are in the club? 

  • currently we are only allowed 20 children per club so space is limited. 



  • These sessions are a mix of games and experiments. sticking to our motto of making science fun. 

  • Each week is a different subject, A few sessions that will be coming up are - Bubble making, Rockets, Colour Madness, Bath Bomb making and lots more. 


Recommended Age:

  • These sessions are great for all children but the activities are best suited for children between of 4-11.

Cut off date for sign ups- 

 15th Jan at 23:00. 


Kings Court Science Club- Mondays- 17th Jan to 14thFeb

  • 30th Oct

  • PLEASE SELECT LOCAL PICK UP ON NEXT STEP. Otherwise you will have a postage charge added to your booking which isn't necessary as you will be booking a place at the science club in school and won't need anything sent to your address. 

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