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We promise a party to remember for your budding little scientist.

Whatever your chosen venue, all of our science parties are

mess, stress and hassle-free

Read through our Party Frequently Asked Questions below.



When can I have an Einstein’s Entertainers science party?

We offer parties on Saturdays and Sundays in term time and throughout the week during school holidays.

For weekend parties, we will offer you either a 11am or 3pm slot.


We generally book up about two months in advance. However, if you have left it until the last minute, do still get in touch; we'd love to help you out if we possibly can and we may have a date free.

How long will the party be?

Classic Parties are 1 hour long and Premium Parties are 1 hour 30 minutes, with a break for food and cake.

The timings would be as below:

Classic Party 11am Schedule: 

  • 10:30am - Entertainer arrives to set up 

  • 11am - 12pm Classic Party Entertainment

Classic Party 3pm Schedule:

  • 2:30pm - Entertainer arrives to set up 

  • 3pm - 4pm Classic Party Entertainment

Premium Party 11am Schedule:

  • 10:30am - Entertainer arrives to set up 

  • 11am - 12pm First Part of Entertainment

  • 12pm - 12:30pm Break for food or cake (not provided by us)

  • 12:30pm - 1pm Last Part of Entertainment

Premium Party 3pm Slot Timings:

  • 2:30pm - Entertainer arrives to set up 

  • 3pm - 4pm First Part of Entertainment

  • 4pm - 4:30pm Break for food or cake (not provided by us)

  • 4:30pm - 5pm Last Part of Entertainment

I would love to have a Premium Party, but can I fit in a food break during the entertainment?

Absolutely! Please see the Premium Party Schedules above. 

How many children can come to my science party?

Between 10 and 20 works best, as the children get to be really involved. There is no maximum number, but there is an additional charge of £5 for each child over the recommended 20


If you are unsure at time of booking, we can add any additional charge to your balance closer to the party date. However, If you are expecting 35+ we would be grateful if you could notify us as early as possible, as we may need to provide extra entertainers or order additional materials.

What is the perfect age range for the science party?

Our parties can be altered to entertain ages anywhere from 4 to 10 (and we like to think the grown-ups enjoy it too!). Just let us know the birthday you’re celebrating, and we can make sure that your little scientist gets the best show for them.


If your child and their friends are 3 years old turning 4 please let us know when booking, as we may need to create something more specific for them, and please note that each children of 3 years and below must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Where will my science birthday party be held? Can I have it at my house?

Your birthday party will be held at your chosen location, either at your home or in a venue you hire. We do not provide the venue as part of our service. 

Do I need to have booked a venue before I get in touch?

No, it's best to contact us as early as you can so we can let you know when we're available. It can be easier to book the Einstein’s Entertainers science party first and then confirm the venue afterwards.

What do you need from me for the party?

Our science parties have been designed to be self contained. All we need from you is a sensibly sized space for the number of children who will be attending, the use of a table and access to both electricity and a sink.


If parking is not available at the venue, please advise ahead of time. 

Can you provide invitations?

On request, we can provide free e-invitations which can be emailed to you once you have booked your party.

What about party bags?

We offer party bags at £5.00 per head. Our party bags include sweets and 5 party toys. For example: Chinese Finger Trap, Parachute Man, Touchable Bubbles, Aeroplane Glider, Clockwork Insect, Rocket Balloon and Jumping Beans (please note these contents are not exact and are subject to availability



Are Einstein’s Entertainers science parties fun?

Absolutely, both children and parents love our science parties. They are built to be entertaining, exciting and a real celebration.


What will happen at my science party?

An Einstein’s Entertainers Party will (with the help of plenty of young volunteers!) perform a variety of amazing interactive science demonstrations and experiments will a lot of laughing along the way. All of our parties have customisation options to suit the personality and interests of your child, with a bespoke option if you want something truly unique.

Check out our different options here. 


Do the children get to take anything home with them?

All parties include at least two items for each child to take home - a pair of rainbow glasses and either a pot of custom slime or a bath bomb. Our Candy Floss Premium Party option also includes a bag or stick of candy floss for each child and our Sweet Making Premium Party option includes sherbet created by the children. 


Slime sounds great...but won't the children get messy?

Every year we have the pleasure of making slime, bath bombs, fake blood and all kinds of other experiments with thousands of children. We've just about perfected giving children the chance to make slime without making a mess! We promise that your Einstein’s Entertainers science party will be mess, stress and hassle free.

What if my child has been to an Einstein’s Entertainers science party or event before?

Please let us know as soon as possible if the birthday child or other children have been to any Einstein’s Entertainers event before so that we can tailor your party with alternative experiments.



How much is an Einstein's Entertainers Science Party?

Our Classic Parties are £235, Premium Parties are between £295 and £325 depending on the Premium Option chosen and our Bespoke Parties start at £420 - all quotes for parties of up to 20 children. Additional children over the recommended 20 charged at £5 a head. 

Do you charge mileage?

Yes. Mileage is calculated on a banded basis from SE18 to your venue and back for the round trip.

We will advise you of your mileage cost before you book, as soon as we have a venue postcode.

How much of a deposit is needed to secure my science party?

There is a 50% deposit to secure your party and, due to high demand, we do not hold dates until this is received. The deposit can be made by BACS as per our terms and conditions. You will get a confirmation email to act as a receipt and confirmation of your event/party once we have received the deposit.


Is the science party safe?

Yes! All these experiments have been performed for years without an incident. We are also fully insured (with no intention of ever using it!)


Have you been DBS Checked?

All of our entertainers hold Enhanced DBS checks.


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